I just don't fit anywhere

I realize on this app and in general people who are suffering from second or third infertility get shunned. We're made to seem as we are selfish or what we're going through is just not that important. Yes we are parents maybe at the wrong time (like myself a teen mom) or not with our current husbands. I will never take from someone who can't have their struggle is hard but how can you say ours isn't?!?! It's like we don't fit in with the fertile mertiles but we don't fit in with first time infertiles either. We're stuck somewhere in the middle and told not to complain or be ungrateful because we have children or we're looked at side ways because we're having trouble having more. Writing on this app makes me feel more alone then me talking to myself. My struggle is real and whether people get it or not it's a thing for a lot of us and it hurts!!!! No ones hurt is the same so why should we compare? All I'm saying is that we all are having issues conceiving be it first second third or even fourth be kind even if you don't understand.