Who's with me???!!!?? Cycle buddy please 😝 I'm going on third round of Letrozole at 2.5mg and did 6 months of Clomid prior. 4 months on two months of from getting cysts, and two months on. We have been ttc 3 years now and just got MARRIED October 1st 2016! I'm a second semester college student studying criminal justice and going to major in psychology! (: Hubby works at car dealerships taking pictures of the new and used cars. I'm a CNA currently and just ready to become a mommy! Hubby has been talking an awful lot about wanting our baby. We have talked about <a href="">IUI</a>. Went to dr the other day and was told if the next 3 months on Letrozole doesn't work I'll be referred to specialist! Who's with me? Ready for a Sticky bean this round, or beans!