baby's first cold πŸ˜”

Baby caught her first cold after Christmas --because everyone who visited us was sick thank you very much family 😠😷-- and it seems to just not want to go away!
It's mostly just stuffy nose, so at first I had to put saline drops several times a day so the mucus would come out. She also had a terrible panic attack one evening because she couldn't breathe (we went to the er because it was terrifying but they said she was fine)
It slowly got better and I only had to do it before bed at night and waking up in the morning but barely anything came out anymore. So after 10 days I went to a doctor to ask what to do and he prescribed us some drops and suppositories. After reading the labels, the drops are corticoids Β --- it felt weird to give that to baby when I was not allowed to take anything like that when I had a sore throat because I am breastfeeding and it would go into my milk-- and the suppositories are used to keep from coughing and I had said to him she doesn't cough unless she breathes her mucus in... It was an old pediatrician and the first time I saw him because the one I go to usually is very hard to see outside of his schedule.Β 
So I didn't give her any of what the old doctor prescribed.Β 
I bought a nosefrida and started doing that as well so I could get the mucus out.Β 
Now she's better during the day and I try not to bother her with that when she breathes normally but there's always a time at night when she will wake up because of her stuffy nose...
Not fun to wake up at 4 or 5 to wash and aspire her nose and make my baby scream and scream because she hates it so much 😭
What should I do? Our monthly appointment with the pediatrician is in 5 days. Should I wait until then?Β 
On a side note, we also had seen the doctor about dry patches of skin on baby's arms and he had said it was just very dry skin. But when we went to the old doctor, she had some patches of red skin on her stomach as well and I thought maybe she was having a reaction to the body lotion that I have to put on her now but the old doctor said it was roseola and that the skin problem would pass on its own but it hasn't really passed either πŸ˜”
I don't know what to do anymore...Β