My friend won't accept any of my advice. And I'm not even being rude.
But basically, she's been with a guy for about 7 months now. It's her first ever relationship, she's 20.
They got engaged at 4 months together and next month they're moving out. They recently started planning for a baby, although she is depressed and on medication, nether of them work. They go to university.
Also, She initially moved into his parents house after a month of being together. 
Every couple days I get a text fro
 Her saying how she doesn't want to be with him any more and they're constantly arguing, so I just tell her maybe things are moving too fast, or you need a break or heck even you're tired etc
But she never listens and takes him right back even after he kicks her out the car and threatens to leave her ther.
She doesn't listen to me, even when it's about baby planning and how difficult it can be with mental health issues (I would know) 
any advice?