My labor story

My labor story. I'll try to keep it short. FTM here. Woke up 01/10/17 around 7am with pain that was different from any other pain before. I started timing these pains after  bout an hour or 2 after when they just wouldn't go away & turns out they where contractions. Baby's due date was 01/14/17 so I thought I had a couple days left but I called my clinic explaining what was happening & they asked to come in saying it sounded like early labor. Went it & was 100% effaced & 1cm dilated. They kept me there for about an hour monitoring baby & my contractions. After an hour I went to 3cm so they sent me to hospital. I was in labor ALL DAY by 10pm I was fully dilated to 10cm so they tried to have me push... epidural wore off by then & I passed out from the pain. They gave me more epidural & waited for the baby to fall a little more on her own. By 3-am they had me try again even tho the epidural started wearing off again but at 3:46am 01/11/17 I finally had my princess 💜👶🏼 it was one of the toughest things I've ever had to go through but I would go through it 1000000 times over for my baby! To me she's perfect in every way & worth every ounce of pain.