please don't judge

Hi guys me and my boyfriend are expecting a baby I'm 10 weeks gone today I'm 17 in Feb and my boyfriend will be 21 in June I don't get no income he does he's in a hostel and waiting for a flat I won't be able to live with him I've got strict parents that won't let me live at home I'm really scared as I don't get no money and I'm gonna have to go in a hostel where you have to pay for it and I have no money I have no money to provide fore the baby my boyfriend had I've got a pram etc from my sisters I'm really scared and upset how do I do a benefit claim when do I do it I'm sooo so scared it's making me cry my boyfriend has been at his hostel for 2 years waiting for a flat he's gone a bit funny with me because there is no other choice but to go in a hostel he says he will come with me and give the flat up but I feel like I'm making him give every thing he had up I feel bad about it all tho I have no money no nothing I can't have an abortion this baby is under my heart and I love it allready I can't emagine giving that up it's a hard time for me please don't judge please try give me some advice I live in the uk if you have any advice please comment thank you