Why does everyone want a girl?

Cara • Baby boy due May 30th, 2017!

I understand everyones situations are different. If you already have 4 boys, or even 1 boy, I understand if you'd want a girl. But some of you women are so adamant on having girls! It seems every woman who is newly pregnant with their first is saying they want a girl. I see so many women on here who will actually be disapointed if they have a boy. Like I have actually seen women say that they would be sad if they had a boy, or just blatantly say "i dont want a boy"... Idk. I just feel like you should be happy either way! Plus, you don't want to have a son and look back and remember a point where you said you DIDNT want him. For me personally, I was fine with either outcome. Just as long as my baby is healthy, I didnt care if it was a boy or a girl.

**EDIT** I understand people get excited and picture themselves with their boy/girl before finding out. The reason I posted this is because I'm curious why its seemingly ALWAYS a girl that people want and picture themself with. Like I said, for me personally it didn't matter. I was just happy I have a baby growing inside me! 😂