Missed Period! (UPDATE)

My period is super regular, never misses a beat. Welp, my SO and I have been getting it on, on the regular this past month and now I'm entering day 5 of being late on my period. I normally have pregnancy symptoms when I'm about to start (due to cysts on my ovaries), and then it comes right on down. This month, I've had NOTHING 🙅🏾 not a drop or any type of indication.... 
However, I have been extremely tired, like damn near falling asleep if I'm sitting som where for more than 5 mins, I can never get full seems like and my breast are huge and swollen, and I'm cramping here and there, which never happens. And then today, I thought my period was here! I got sooooo excited just to go to the restroom and see lotion like discharge. I'm SO confused 😭 I need answers ladies