giving up

We tried for 2 years and and 1 month on our own then our doctor put us on Clomid I took 1 cycle and was pregnant right away! Unfortunately we miscarried in October so I waited till our first normal cycle which we got lucky and it was in November so we started trying right away! Tried November and December and nothing again so I though hey! I'll go back on the Clomid since that worked but I had to switch insurances cause my OB was no longer taking my current one and my new insurance isn't covered by in Fertility Drugs.  So here I am thinking i want to give up! I am apperntly not meant to get pregnant and have another child! Why?! What have I done wrong?! I do think I'm truly blessed to have an amazing and loving fiancé and a beautiful 4 year old daughter but what I would give to become a mom again,give my fiancé another daddy's girl or a bust bud and to give our daughter a best friend  for life! I see all these girls just popping out babies who don't want's so frustrating and to top it off my dad is currently staying with us (trying to find him a place),my mom was just diagnosed with stage 2 lung cancer,we are trying to jump thru hoops so we can buy a house and my fiancé is traveling for work. Just needed to rant