I don't think all babies are cute!? Am I wrong?

So, maybe I'll change when I have my own in a few months, but I don't find babies to be cute. And don't just say you think all babies are cute if your baby is the only one you're referring to! Our friends have a 5 month old who's dad said "honey take the headband off her, everyone knows she's a girl" only for someone to ask me 3 seconds later if the baby was a boy!? I feel like parents have rose colored glasses when they see/view their babies. Don't get me wrong I love babies, holding them, smelling them, etc. I just don't think they look like the cute person/kid they will become until later on. Some people on my Facebook newsfeed post photos of their newborn, and I'm like ugh your kid isn't cute! Im sure when our Burke of joy comes this Spring I will think he's the most handsome bundle of baby I've ever seen, but for now am I the only one that feels like this?