am I overreacting? sex....

Yesterday I had just started my period and whenever I start my cycle I'm always in the mood.. This morning my boyfriend got up to shower and I had quickly masturbated before I hopped in with him. As I was jumping in, I notice he had his phone and he was watching a short clip of us being intimate.. anyways, I get excited that he wants to have sex; as he puts it in, he pulls out and sees blood and just gives me a disgusted face and said "I'd rather not" (as we're in the shower now)
We've been together 7 months now and I've never had someone make me feel bad/ disgusted by my own period. I don't mind the blood one bit, never have... but my reaction to him was baffled and upset... should I feel that way because he doesn't want "blood on his d" ?? 
Yes, he knew I was on my period, I asked him to get me tampons from my bathroom before we went to bed the morning this happened. He did know I started my menses.