19 weeks!!!

I have 2 boys 11 and 7. My husband and I have been wanting another baby and decided it was time to try. Getting pregnant was not the problem, staying pregnant was a struggle. I had 3 miscarriages my 3rd one being to twins. I found out on my sons 11th birthday but I had lost one twin at about 8 weeks and the other at 13 weeks. But being a mom I had to put on a happy face for him also he didn't know we were expecting after the 1st miscarriage we decided not to tell anyone until almost half way through. So we got pregnant a 4th time and prayed and hoped for the best and yes I am finally at 19 weeks of pregnancy. We told our kids and family on Christmas. Everyone was so happy. Finally tomorrow we get to find out if its another handsome little guy or finally a beautiful princess. We won't know until Sunday since we are doing a gender reveal party for the whole family. We feel so blessed to finally be at this point and this far along.