She's a thief.

I am 19 and currently enrolled in a college. My parents insist I don't get a job and live with them and although I've went against their wishes I've attempted to get a job a few times I have been unable to get a job. The problem is I want to move out. I have to share a room with my sister who constantly steals my stuff and claims someone from school gave it to her. She has stolen underwear, pads, clothes, and other items. I have grown sick of it and have threatened to move out but my parents tell me to move into the garage. However, the garage needs to be painted and floored, a new window has to be installed along with locks on the doors etc. etc. Which would take a very long time. I can not live with my sister anymore. Just now I told my parents I am done and will move out they tell me I would never make it, which might be true, but they don't seem to care that she has continuously stolen. They have threatens to kick her out of our room but it was an empty threat. I do not know what to do. I have the option to move in with my boyfriend who I have been with for over four years, but my parents have clearly stated that if I move in with him they will be very disappointed in me. I am a people pleaser and do not like conflict with my parents since they have been so good to me. What do you all suggest? I'm sorry if this seems over dramatic and silly. But I have spent 17 years living with someone I have never liked. She is emotionally and verbally abusive, she is selfish, and she's a thief. I cannot stand her and i have tried to play nice, I have tried threats but nothing has worked. Thank you for reading this and if you comment some advice I thank you whole heartedly. ♥️