topic about love/ confused

Alyson • Alyson 💓🤙🏼
Okay I just have to rant. Okay so I dated this boy for 3 months. We broke up but we still text even tho we broke up. We have our ups and downs. Yeah we fucked or whatever in the last couple of months. But we still see each other from time to time and we still talk on the phone some times and we still say I love you. But he tells me he doesn't know if we would ever be together again. But I still have faith and still believe that we will have another chance some day. Idk when but I still have hope that we will have another chance. Yeah we both made mistakes and I fucked up a lot and I regret some choices I made. But I'm doing everything I can do to prove to him that Ima change and that I still love him with every inch in my body, and that I want to be the girl he Marrys one day. So idk what to do at this point. I'm not giving up sorry to say.