The other woman

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I am reality TV junkie. 
This woman named Amina wrote a book about her "husband" Peter Gunz and his "mistress" aka The other woman Tara and how the entire time that they were married Tara would not leave him alone. 
Back ground story:
Peter: 10 kids 3 boys by Tara 2 girls by Amina. 
Tara: Peter's live in girlfriend for 13 years 
Amina: peters "side chick" for a year where then he legally married her in a drunken night and she vows to their marriage 
Peter then spends an entire year telling his "wife" that he's living at the baby mothers house with his kids for the kids but he's spending the night and physically living with Tara. Fast forward, Tara finds out about the marriage by Amina slapping her drivers license with her last name on the table (naturally Amina gets slapped! Well deserved) 
Anyways fast forward Tara doesn't leave Peter and Peter makes it very clear that Amina was a mistake that went to far. 
Amina becomes pregnant and has a beauty baby girl, and then pregnant again about a year later however Tara was also pregnant by peters baby, Amina decides to abort her child and Tara decides to keep it. Later on down the line Amina finds out and decides to get pregnant again by Peter before he got his vsectomy. She wanted to be the last one to have his baby. 
Anyways after this Amina decided to move across the country to get away from Tara and take Peter with her EXCEPT, Peter said no that he was not leaving Tara in New York. 😂 she still claiming this man as her husband.
Now Amina comes out win this book talking down to this woman who you expected to walk away from this relationship from a man who had she loves and has been with for over a decade and becomes this victim when in fact Amina was the problem in the picture. How many times are you going to let a man disrespect you? Tell you that you were a mistake and you had two children with him. 
P.S: Peter is in New York still with Tara and his kids with her Amina is in town for her book release and her two kids ended up in the house of Tara and Peter. This gotta be a joke😂