"at least you know you can have babies"

"At least you know you can have babies"
That indicates my child's life was worth that little piece of information. Not only that, it also hurts because now I'm wondering if I can go full term. 
"You will have beautiful babies some day!"
I had a beautiful baby. And I wanted THAT baby. I never want to replace that child, only add to my children. 
"At least you weren't too far along"
I was still 100% pregnant. I had a child growing inside of me. And that child died. Regardless of how far along I was, I  had something and then I lost it. 
"Were you taking prenatals?"
That feels like an accusation of it being my fault. I already am looking back and beating myself up for every little thing that could have possibly been my fault. And then you ask me these questions. 
"It just wasn't the right time"
Nobody told me or my baby that. Thanks for telling me now. It really makes it feel so much better. 
"It was barely even a baby"
Just f- off. It was my baby. I'm not only mourning that baby but also that toddler, that child, that teenager, that adult. I'm mourning the entire life of my child. I'm mourning first steps, first words and graduations. That child was entirely my child. 
"You can always try again"
Yes. I can. But I wanted that child. I wanted this pregnancy. I'm terrified this will happen again. 
"Why are you still upset about that? It's been months"
I'm a childless mother. Ask me that question again.