Anyone else?

So I'm having a really effing hard time picking a name for my baby boy. I'm due in little less than 3 weeks & we have two names we like. Keep in mind my boyfriend is so picky and only likes names that start with D or B. Any other name I say- he HATES and says no. 
Our options are 
And I personally love the name Daelon and he says no but I think I may get him to crack on that one. 
My point is- anyone else just kinda settling with a name even though you may not LOVE it. I can't seem to find a name I love for my
Baby boy and I'm so sad about it. Either all the names are taken already, or my boyfriend  doesn't like them. I look for names everyday & cant find anything. We like unique  names yet nice. 
What's your thoughts on this? I'm really sad over the fact
I may just "settle" with a name 😢