right to be angry ?

I had a chemical in November and were trying for the past 2 nights he been to tired to have sex and this morning I caught him jacking one off. I was  told that it is invalid if they do it that day , the rest of the day it would be pointless as there is no build up I haven't caught since November after a Misscarrige so I'm worrying now that that's the reason I avnt because if he does that every morning he is a smoker and we're a harness all day and I feel gutted he knows how much I want his baby he just dosnat seem to be putting any effort into this at all even though he wants another he is laid back thinking it will just happen but it isnat why am I so angry about this honestly am I being pethetix I know men do it but when I'm there and I wouldn't say no I just don't get it He is more than happy to try I dint think he knows it's like gold dust his stuff I feel really peeved off with him if I'm being honest