chrons disease

Caitlyn • Mother of 1 👑 : fiancé 6/6/12 : medical professional 💉
My fiancé and I have only been TTC baby #2 since mid-November - obviously to no avail. I know that's not even truly a significant amount of time. But I mean we are extremely sexually actively adults. I don't know if my body chemistry has changed since this medication or if, which is most probable, I am overthinking the situation and just not letting it happen when it's planned for us. We all know jle stress affects becoming pregnant. However, I wanted to know if any other woman in here have Crohn's disease and are struggling to become pregnant? I was diagnosed in 2013 before baby #1. I do actively take remicade infusions every 8 weeks to keep my disease in remission. I have read, as well as my fiancé, numerous articles that remicade doesn't interfere with fertility. I just wanted ya'lls ninsight on this issues. If it is even an issue. TIA mamas ❤