Women Are Sexual Objects

Kimberly🚮🚮😘 • Momma to Orion, Taurus, opinionated (sorry)

From working in the same gas station over a year. Running my shift by myself. I've come to learn that many of the male customers who come in view women as sexual objects.

Even before I left my husband, I had men coming in hitting on me.

Once word got around that I was single (it's a small town), even more guys would make little comments here and there.

And they're not about personality or how nice I am, though I've gotten a couple like that.

No they're "nice ass"

"when you gonna let me hit that"

"I been staring at your ass every time I come in"

Things like that. And honestly, while it's nice to know that apparently I have a nice ass, it's annoying.

What in the world makes you think that I want to sleep with you?

Just because I'm nice to you, doesn't mean I want to fuck you. It's literally my job to be nice to you!

Women are not here to be sexualized by horny men.

A smile is not an invitation for sex.

My clothing is not an invitation for sex.

Unless I say point blank "I want to have sex with you", there is no invitation for sex.

So keep your comments to yourself.

Thanks ✋