Choosing not to have your period

So for the last year and a half, I've been considering going on birth control to completely stop my period and I wanted some feedback. Have you stopped your period with birth control? If so, what do you recommend, what is it like, and do you have any regrets.
A little background. I'm a generally healthy 21 year old and I don't have any issues, but my period is becoming more than just a "small inconvenience." It's hereditary. My mom remembers that her grandma (who was pretty young to be a grandma) never left the house the entire week of her period because it was so heavy, that she couldn't afford to buy sanitary products big enough to keep her clean. I for sure don't have endometriosis, my period is just "crime scene" heavy. I wear an ultra tampon, a maxi flexi pad with wings, and a piece of tissue in my butt crack and I still manage to bleed onto my underwear at least once a day. Sometimes I wear two pads at night. I can't keep doing this. It's getting expensive and I'd rather spend money on something that'll actually help my period rather than claim it will.