relieved or not

Stevie • Married💍 11.24.18 3.26.17 👼🏼 EVR
I'm six weeks. Started bleeding this orangish/red blood this afternoon. No cramps or anything. Went to the hospital got an ultrasound done, blood drawn, & a pelvic exam. Blood work came back great, ultrasound picked up a heart beat (but i didn't get to hear it) said it was good, and pelvic exam confirmed that my cervix has completely closed up but said he saw a little bit of blood & mucus still in there and sent me on my way. While I was at the hospital the bleeding had pretty much stopped and just was brown spotting. Now I'm home for about 15 minutes and im back to bleeding that orangish/red blood. I'm not sure if it was where he did a pelvic exam or what but now I'm getting nervous again!