blacking out due to cramps

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Period Day 1
Had an extremely shitty day today. Woke up to the most excruciating cramps. It hurt so bad that I started getting nauseous and every time I stood up and tried walking I would start to feel faint and light headed and then start blacking out. 
After just a few minutes of sitting on the couch and feeling nauseous I run to the bathroom thinking I'm gonna throw up, but then comes the light headedness and the blacking out followed by cold sweats. So I'm lying on the bathroom floor sweating profusely, feeling nauseous as hell accompanied by extremely painful cramps. I felt like I was dying. And every single time I tried to get myself off the floor I would feel the same light headed dizziness and again blacking out. I just didn't have the energy to get back up. So I just stay on the floor curled up in a fetal position feeling cold yet hot at the same time. Finally when I gain the energy to pick myself off the floor I decide to just head back to the safety of my bed and slowly just die there. Didn't take me long to pass out from the pain. Thankfully when I woke up the painful cramps did subside but I'd still get the dizzy spells and start to black out anytime I got up and walked anywhere. And felt pretty much drained and out of it all day. 
Can anyone relate? 
This Is my first time posting here
So if any of you ladies have any suggestions or advice I'd greatly appreciate it! 
Or know why this is happening to me (the painful cramps leading up to me blacking out all the time)