Please pray for us! πŸ™

Celia Mei β€’ Mama β€’ HypnoBirthing Practitioner β€’ Doula
I lost my baby at 10 weeks pregnant in early November. We've been trying since then.Β 
I'm on day 39 of my cycle. I took a pregnancy test last week on Thursday and it was totally negative. I have been so confused as to why my period hasn't come so I took another test today and it's positive. This is crazy because I don't have any symptoms besides being emotional and breaking out in pimples. My boobs are tiny and not sore at all. I don't have food aversions. My appetite is still normal. Last time I was pregnant my boobs grew huge and I had all kinds of symptoms. This scares me. I'm afraid there's something wrong with the baby.
Any thoughts? The nurse won't schedule me to come in for a few weeks.Β