What do you think of this baby name? Lol.

Baby no3 is due 17th Feb and we still haven't agreed on a name! I said that he could pick the name this time round as I named our girls (Isabella-Rose and Thea) but I'd have to agree on his suggestion as well.

For the entire pregnancy, and mainly since finding out we're having a boy, he's been suggesting the name Ragnar Andrew John Taylor πŸ˜• now, if we lived in a country where that name is common, I'd probably like it but we live in Scotland! And I can't help but think that everyone will make fun of the name and then our boy will get bullied when older because of it πŸ™ I know it's up to us on what we name our kids and people will have to deal with it but I'm not so keen on the name and can't get my partner to think of other names as he's so set on this one πŸ˜•