Well since about 4-5 weeks pregnant I've been extremely sick and my back has been in excruciating pain, I'm now 11 weeks btw. But my SO doesn't seem to understand its hard to continue on with regular life or household duties when I'm constantly vomiting or excruciatingly in pain. On top of that since the vomiting has subsided enough that I can cook & clean a Lil bit I've unfortunately been hit with extreme fatigue. He has already given me shit for not doing anything for a "whole week" because I was barely even incapable of getting out the bed or feeding myself but made sure my 1 year old was tooken care of all day. I get complaints on how I sleep to much & don't want to have sex. I'm confused on what he expected. I cannot help how tired I am like seriously, I've been up and doing as much as possible to not seem lazy but if my body is clearly telling me that's too much, I will stop sit/lay down if need be. My child is more important. He just doesn't seem to get "she might be tired" or "maybe she doesn't feel good" & if he picks up my usual household chores he huffy & puffs, and makes it seem like it's killing him.....I don't want to seem like I'm just complaining or being lazy because I'm not.