Advice please

Recently I had like 4 nice sized pimples on my face, they left scabs. I usually get like one bad pimple maybe once a month or so depending on how much make up I wear and a few tiny ones. Could this be a pregnancy symptom? TTC month number 5 and used OPks this month. I also have been having hot flashes, I threw up yesterday morning and felt queezy and couldn't eat til that night, Iv been peeing a lot, boobs and nipples are tingly, not hurting though and nipples are slightly darker and have lots of white cm and today I thought I started and I went to the bathroom and it was just ABUNCH of watery cm? My period is 2 days late as of today. I took a walmart equate pregnant test the first day of my missed period and it was a bfn.. Haven't took another one yet. I have a first response I have back at home, when should I take it? I got a postive OPK on the 12th so pretty sure I ovulated the 13th. Thank you for any advice!