Does it make me lazy?

I am 21 and I don't have a job. My husband brings in 120-130,000 a year and pays all the bills with a decent amount leftover for extra. I currently do not have a job I had a temp job when we first moved up here just until we found a house closer to his work. We moved into our new home in October and I have yet to get a job. My husband tells me he doesn't need me to work so I haven't really looked for one. I keep the house clean and the laundry done and take care of the dog. (We live in town and don't have a fence so he has to be walked on a leash ). I honestly don't really want to get a job I'm content doing what I'm doing now. But I feel like its lazy of me not to get one because now my husband is the one paying for everything, and I feel bad when I run out of unimportant things like make up and he has to buy it. Is this feeling because we are newly weds and I'm just not used to relying on someone else or am I lazy for not getting a job and paying for my own unimportant things? Criticism is expected and won't be greeted with rudeness.

Edit: we don't not have children yet. Just a very energetic pitbull