birthing dilemma

I will thank the people that take the time to read this in advance and apologise that it is soo long...Ok so my partner has the shits at me because I am due in just under 9 weeks to have my 3rd baby and I have said that no one else is to come to the hospital to meet the baby until the 2 kids have gotten to come and meet their new baby brother. A little bit of background is that when I had my daughter in 2011 I went through 2 days of labour to have an emergency csection and my partners family just showed up right before I was informed I would have to be rushed in to have a csection and they sat around in the room while I got rushed in to have an emergency csection and then due to my blood pressure and everything dropping so long I was in recovery for a long time and did not even get to meet my daughter until after I was out of recovery so my inlaws got to meet and hold my daughter before I got a chance to even meet her (I do not have the best relationship with my inlaws as it is). So this time I have said to may partner that regardless of the labour and birth I do not want ANYBODY else at the hospital until they are called and not until after I myself and our 2 kids have had a chance to get to come and meet their new brother. I do not think I am being unreasonable but it has pissed my partner off that I have made this request. I tried to explain to him how it felt to me that his family that are rude and do nothing but put stress on us and our relationship and are in no way supportive just show up and invite them selves in all while I'm going through living hell for 2 days but he just doesn't get it and gets angry at me because I don't want them there until they are invited. What do you all think am I being unreasonable and rediculous or within my fair right to request this.