Army Doctors 😧😬

Hi.. So I'm in the army meaning I have wonderful military doctors that provide excellent care! (sarcasm lol) I got an ultrasound about 2 months ago because I'm worried I may have cysts etc. Ive been calling these doctors for weeks trying to get results, nothing. I get the run around. I finally look online, (forgot about tricare online) find out my right ovary is mildly larger than the left, has a hypoechoic heterogeneous lesion and some peripheral follicles. Idfk😕 And it says it may be compatible with pcos?! How are you not going to contact your patient? I understand these may not be life-threatening, or whatever. But I'm not very good at speaking up for myself when it comes to doctors. Took me forever to get the courage to ask for the ultrasound. I care about my body. I want answers. Sorry.. Had to rant this out, I've been so frustrated lately. Have a good night ladies.. Rant complete 🖓👌👏😂