girl Drama

So I had a friend online who was kind of iffy, she would always complain about her family and life but the stuff she complained about was normal like "my sister stole my make up" "my mum won't let me go by myself to meet this person o have never met before" and whenever I complained about something for example "I've work 12 days straight" she'll say I have no right to complain and then she'd start complaining about her family. Anyway when I first started talking to my now BF she wanted to talk to him online and always asking me to tell him to add her on FB, so about 2 months after her asking I let her LITERALLY 10 minutes after that my BF messaged me screenshots of their convo saying he doesn't. Know what to do and basically she was flirting so much saying her butt looks awesome and he's so cute and sending him missy faces and saying stuff she wants to do to him and I was seeing RED. 
So I messed her asking how the convo is going and she said "oh great he's just telling me about you and his job he loves you much and I'm just letting him no not to mess with you :)" I told him to send me a screenshot of the convo right there and then and SHE SENT HIM A PIC OF HER DICK!! (She's transgender). So I sent her the screenshot and basically said WTF and she said it was my fault she's acting like this because I don't give her enough attention and I'm like WHAT?! Then she says she's just looking out for me and I didn't even reply I just blocked the bitch. Was that too harsh?? Or no