Nipple discharge at 21 weeks?

Im 21 and a half wks and about a month ago I poked myself in the boob just above my areola accidently with a safety pin. This clear water like liquid started to roll out. Never heard of that before and haven't had a dr appointment to see if it's normal. About 4 days ago that same odorless colorless completely clear water like liquid started leaking from my nipple any time I remove my bra so about once or twice a day. Is this normal? Does have something to do with lactation? Or is something wrong cause the doctors ran a blood test on me to make sure I could breast feed due to me having had a completely different kind of discharge a few yrs ago that lasted almost 4yrs with no explanation the Drs could find. So this current discharge, is it normal or related to whatever was going on before? Anyone else had this, this is my first pregnancy.