Did I Overreact ?

Haydie • My Little Baby Jr 💙July 21st
SO & Myself Had an Agreement. We agreed to have him to drop me off at my sisters house so that he could use the car to go to one of his brothers house. He does not have a drivers license so along came a friend with a DL to ensure a safe trip & problemless trip. We had specifically agreed that he would only drive from point a to point b, and back being as though it was his first time using the car without my supervision. When I call to check in he is totally no where near where he was suppose to be claiming he was just picking up some people who had lost their ride to go to his destination. I got upset and requested that the car be brought to me being as though that wasn't what we agreed on & nor did he inform me. Now when he comes to get me he is by his self & his friend chose to go elsewhere & I became furious.  I am 14w4d pregnant & my emotions have been getting the best of me but am I overreacting ? 

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