Fiancée is worried

Brittany • I`m the proud momma of two wonderful children and tryin to have another!!
Hi ladies!!! Just a question, I was overweight when I got pregnant as a matter a fact when I got pregnant I weighed 220.5 im 6w5d today and I have lost 13.5 lbs my fiancée is freaking out and accusing me of not eating but here is the catch I ACTUALLY EAT just not the junk I ate before and I've almost eliminated soda or pop whatever yall call it completely but I can't completely because I get SERIOUS migraine headaches from lack of caffeine so my question is, is it safe for a woman who was overweight before pregnancy to list some weight and still have a healthy pregnancy, my diet consists of bottled water and fruit mostly because it's all I can keep down! Thank you all for taking the time to help, I know this is long! Baby dust to you all ✨👶💕