Everyone Says having your baby even a week early can be dangerous, but having them late can be dangerous to!

So a close friend of mine had her baby a few days ago. She was supposed to be induced 2 days before 40weeks but her insurance decided they wouldnt pay for it unless it was a medical emergency or unless she was late. Well she was 42 weeks + a few days and they sent her in to be induced and she had the baby in a few hours. Beautiful baby girl almost 9 pounds. Shes now on support and her health is going up and down bc shes having breathing problems bc she is to large. The doctor caring for her said it would have been avoided if she would have been induced when they wanted her to be and now the baby may not make it. So Idk I hear people constantly telling women that they need to wait, so on and so fourth but maybe its not always a good idea? Id like to hear your thoughts on the subject. And please dont be rude, my thoughts are constantly with my friend and her baby and with my pregnancy now going on 23weeks so I dont want any drama. Im just curious what others might think or what their experiences were without cruelty or arguing 😕😕