So I have a few questions and I just dont know what to do. I have tried doing research on my own but its just not helping. First of all, my fiance and I have been together about 4 and a half years and were good friends before starting dating. For me he is my first everything and I really didnt have any sexual thoughts or trying to figure out before him. Because of that I really dont know a lot about myself, particurally what gets me turned on and how to get to orgasm.( I have never had an orgasm before and so I dont even know if I've ever gotten close either.)When we first started dating i would get turned on and wet pretty easy but now even of i am feeling like I really want sex i dont seem to get at all wet enough. And the things I like seem to be hit or miss if they turn me on or when it comes to sex if we can even do it. Does anyone have advice or tips to help with this?