Subchorionic hematoma

I'm currently at 9w exactly and this is my first pregnancy. This morning I started spotting a peach color and a few hours later I started getting heavier dark brown/rusty color spots. I thought I was miscarrying and was absolutely histerical.. I called my ob and he sent me to the ER. My husband and I went together, the whole time I was shaking and crying. We had tried for about 10 months and were ecstatic to finally be blessed with a pregnancy. At the ER they did blood work, a pee test and finally an ultrasound. The tech found the heartbeat (which was normal) and the measurements were right at 9 weeks. So then we had to wait for 2 hours to figure out why I was actually bleeding. Turns out I have two fairly large subchorionic hematomas but they told me that they normally fix themselves within a few weeks but they will keep me doing ultrasounds weekly to keep up on it and make sure everything is progressing well. This is something I had never heard of and just wanted to pass it on to you ladies... Don't think the worst, don't stress even though I know it's hard!!!! Chins up and happy and healthy 9 months everyone❤❤❤