Helpful Local Relatives

This is a poll for moms with close family in town. How helpful have your relatives been?
I feel a little guilty for thinking this because I know I have it better than many, but my mom lives less than 10 miles away and I wish she'd be more helpful with my son. He's her first grandchild and she was so excited to be a grandma, but she only comes over every couple weeks (once a week tops) and when she does it's not very helpful. She takes him off our hands for an hour maybe but then comments how tiresome it is entertaining him. She never offers to pick up food on the way let alone prepare us a hot meal. My husband, son and I all have a cold and she didn't offer to come over because she's "got so much to do." No, she really doesn't. She's a hoarder who wastes her life puttering around her house. She complains that her house is a never-ending job, but she's made it that way. I guess that's what angers me - the fact that she could help so much more and spend more quality time with my son if she just organized her life better. I've tried talking to her about this but she takes it extremely personally and gets very upset with me when I do. 😒 

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