Hey hey hey to the ladies

I have a boyfriend that has a child and is not in his life the child's mother left my boyfriend when the baby was first born for another guy and took my boyfriend to court for child support my boyfriend told me that while trying to see his son the other guy pulled guns on him he said he had no clue that she was seeing another guy bit she didn't like that he was under her alot and at that time he lost his mother he pays child support this girl was the love of his life and now he's think im going to leave when i become pregnant its a complete mess because he still hasn't got over that in 8years but do you blame him for not believing in his son life I feel that he was robbed for something that he really wanted and that was a family now it's like he is so lost on how to even be a parent to the child because of the situation but he does want to but its like he doesn't know how to go about it Can you give your opinions about this thanks