What should i do?

I have a delema. I'm married with a 14 month old baby with my husband but I'm falling in love with someone else.

My husband is 4 years younger than me and is the baby of his HUGE family, which makes him really needy and spoiled. He also has another child with his ex, which he will/would do anything and everything for. Things that if I asked him to do he did absolutely not cave in (I.e. get off of work early or take a day off to spend it with me) but for his 10 year old, he would do it in a split second without thinking about it! There are no sparks between us anymore. He doesn't smile or even greet me anymore when I get home from work or anywhere else. No kissing or even a hug... Nothing.

The other guy is 5 years my senior. He treats me like I'm supposed to be treated and much more mature. I smile every time I see and even think about him. I can't stop thinking about him. He makes me so happy! The delema is, what should I do? Get a divorce and be happy with my "soulmate" or stay married and suck it up?