I need some encouraging words (please no rude comments)

I feel like I am failing my family everyday, I just graduated from college. I have had back to back interviews, and never heard from them again. I started to work from home, yet my husband literally tells me tonight that it's not a job if I work from home, that I don't do anything around the house and that I don't appreciate him. He works Monday to Friday, half the time the sailors have half days or just have to show up for an hour. He comes home and starts playing with his Xbox and drinks till bed. I take care of our daughter, clean, cook, have playtime with our daughter, go through the bedtime routine then back to cleaning, and when she falls and gets hurt, I am the one who picks up while he just tells her to be quiet. I don't have time for myself, I forget to eat till someone reminds me, I barely have time shower.
Tonight did me in, I've been trying to clean yet he asks me to sit down with him while he's playing a game then demands a drink, and proceeds to bash me about working at home and not being the prefect female he's apparently into. 
I feel like I am alone in everything. I have explained to him my feelings and he just gets mad and goes on dating sites. The other day I had found pictures of his ex (who has a family of her own) in his email. It disgusts me and makes me feel like I'm not beautiful or skinny enough.