Cringe worthiest sex story.

So last Wednesday I went to this guy's place to hookup. Bad idea. I like rough sex, don't get me wrong it can be fun. But this guy took hair pulling to a whole new level. Instead of pulling back he pulled down so the hair would hook around your ear and then pull back. 2 months ago I got my conch pierced. This guy ripped my conch piercing out from pulling my hair. I then proceeded to try to put the piercing back in but to no avail. He then proceeded to try to continue to have sex with me. After getting a piercing ripped out I was no longer in the mood. But whatever I went with it. This guy was all girth and no length. I was nowhere near prepared enough and felt like I was being torn in half. I then had to go to my piercer and explain how my piercing was ripped out in the first place. Awkward. 
1/10 never again.