Ok, ladies. This is not a rant and I'm not putting anyone down. Many of us on here are adults, many of us aren't. Although some of you are minors, a lot of you are now having sex, and using birth control. So you have to start acting more like an adult. I say this because day after day I see constant questions about how birth control works such as "When should I start taking the pill?", or "Can I skip my placebos?", "How long does it take for it to be effective?". It is so very important that you READ THE PAMPHLET THAT COMES IN YOUR PILL PACK. It's there for a reason, not for their benefit,  but for yours. I've also come on here asking questions but that's after I read my whole pamphlet. It has most of the information you need to know. You can't just get your pills, and come here for us to answer all your questions. Read first, if you're still unclear, ask later. The last thing: when you go to your doctor, come prepared with questions to ask. Many doctors will give you bare minimum info. Also, Google is an amazing thing. There are pelnty of reputable websites with endless info on the subject😊 
Again, please no rude comments, I'm just trying to help.