Idk what's wrong

So I have been dating my best friend of two years only recently. ( But we both lost our virginities to each other about a year ago) Everything was going smooth, we joke around, we laugh till we fall on the floor and we have a decent sex life. 
My only thing is something about the sex doesn't feel right. He's always been known to hide his emotions but the whole reason we started dating was because he was finally showing his emotions! 
So the whole were having sex Is pretty good, but I'm left feeling so unsatisfied after because The emotions lacked during it)I always have to initiate it too. Only a few times has he initiated it and it makes me feel like shit sometimes. We're very blunt and honest so I told him straight up and he said he'll try to be mor romantic. And he has succeeded at being romantic, but then the next day he treats me like one of the bros all over again. I don't mind being close  like that considering he is my best friend. But now, we are dating. Things should be different. Right?....