friend problems, moody

Kamryn • 16
I am a soft smol one, I'm a cancer which means I'm sensitive okay?
My boy bestfriend KNOWS I'm sensitive and he's helped me kind of break out of it sometimes, today he wasn't talking to me, we kind of just inoted each other, I sat next to some of my other friends and he was sitting close, :( I was already in a really bad mood today just really moody for no reason, (cancers are moody).
He took my pack of unopened chips and threw it to a group of kids who ate it all and then bought a bit back for me, I sat there watching myself being walked all over, (I'm quiet). He then crushed up my chips and threw it all in my book bag, now tell me...should I be mad? Because I'm already really moody and then later on I started crying, idk:( I I shouldn't have cried.