sugar pregnancy test

Ok ladies I was wondering if two ladies would be willing to take a few moments to test a homemade pregnancy test for me???
I need one lovely lady who knows she is pregnant
And one lovely lady who knows for sure that she is not pregnant 
This morning I tested myself for shits abd giggles and it can up positive but without a control group I have know idea of the accuracy 
Heres is how you will perform the test: place exactly 2 teaspoons of sugar in a cup
Pee into a separate cup upon urine release 
Pour your urine into the sugar slowly 
If the sugar makes a mass and does not dissolve it's positive
If the sugar begins dissolving its negative
Hypothesis: if hcg positive urine is added to sugar the sugar hcg will prevent the sugar from dissolving 
This is supposed to be a very old method used a very long time ago 
Please respond with your findings!!