You'll thank me one day

Hey ladies! I just thought I'd share a little tidbit to make this TTC journey just a smidgen easier. After a year of playing this game, I've learned ALOT! This may sound crazy but get ready for it!....
Glow sucks.
Lol but seriously it does. I absolutely love the community/forums and especially this group I was lucky to be invited to join 😊
But when it comes to charting and analyzing charts, Fertility Friend is absolutely amazing! It's not as pretty looking as Glow but it is the best app I've ever used (I've tried a few!). It is based on a crazy amount of research and is constantly updating with new research. It displays EVERYTHING in one window and is so accurate for predicting fertile days and AF. I always find glow is way off on predictions and too ambiguous with predicting my fertile days. Seriously Glow, everyday is not "the most important day to have sexual intercourse" lol
It has info "tidbits" to help you learn about your body and has this fancy Pregnancy Monitor that helps determine the likelihood of getting a BFP based on your chart. And many other perks!
If you haven't used it, I highly suggest you give it a try! And if you aren't temping yet, I would suggest you start too! It helps take all the guess work out of all the other ways of predicting ovulation. 
Good luck to all of you!! 😊