And so the wait continues.....

Carly • I am 32 and from Southampton in UK. Me and my oh are TTC baby number one. Had miscarriage in January 2015.
Went for check up today. No bleeding for the past 4 days so really though I was going to get the all clear. Only unfortunately that's not the case. I still have pregnancy tissue. 
The good news is that they are happy to let it pass with my next period and told me a D&C or pill would not be worth it. But now it's just a waiting game to get my period. 
I got upset in the waiting room. Quite embarrassing. They had to take me to a quiet room. If I don't start period in next 4 weeks then I have to go back. I just so want to move on from this.
Has anyone else had to wait to pass with there period. They said it may be heavy and uncomfortable. Oh joy!
Feeling fed up.