Fear of pregnancy plz help

Lately I feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard spot and it can feel like I'm the only one. I've been with my S.O. for over 8 years now and I know he wants kids ⏳ I also want children. The problem is that I'm really very scared of having a baby. The process of being hospitalized and the extreme pain of having a child is absolutely terrifying sounding. So much so that I've even told my s.o. to leave, because what if I'm too scared to ever have kids. I have anxiety (to put it mildly) so I know that's playing a part. But also the fact that I'm feeling the pressure from family to make grandbabies and such. It seems like every woman around me is oozing with excitment to have a baby, and it makes me feel like I'll never amount up or be able to be a mom D'x