What do you think?

So my male OBGYN delivered my son last year in August.. he's younger than the other doctors and actually pretty good looking. Hes a wonderful doctor, very caring, kind. He's a good friend of my aunt but im not sure he knows I'm related to her bc of the diff last names. My friend goes to him as well to get yearly exams. She saw him today and he asked her what her plans are for the weekend. She told him she is going to hang out with her best friend (me). He asked who that is and she says my name and he remebers me saying "I delivered her baby. Shes a nice girl" I was kinda shocked he would remember me since he sees quite a few patients a day and delivers a lot of babies on his on call week. Why do you think he remembers me so well? We hardly made conversation ever and I havent seen him since September.